Capcut template

Camera Lenta CapCut Template

The camera lenta capcut template is a fantastic slow-motion template created by various popular creators, including ModelsCut, with over 500 million combined usage. The template features a blurred face with a black-and-white filter, which unblurs the beat, creating a captivating effect when watching the video.

We have received many requests from our users for more camera lenta templates on CapCut. Therefore, we have added over 10 templates, including ones from popular creators like ModelsCut and Pedrinn. You can preview the templates below and simply click on the “Use Template on CapCut” button to start using them immediately without any problems.

Camera Lenta Face Blur & Slomo

Camera Lenta Smooth SlowMo

Camera Lenta Flash Effect & Blur

Camera Lenta Slow Blur & Flash

Camera Lenta B&W and Slomo

Camera Lenta Beat Shake & Velocity

Camera Lenta Face Thunder Effect

Camera Lenta Texture Effect + Slomo

Camera Lenta Work & Velocity